Smiling person with 'real docs use the head plus the heart written on arm.'

What We Do

St. Martin’s Healthcare is open 30-35 hours weekly to serve the uninsured and underinsured of DeKalb and Noble counties. These services include basic medical care that you would find in any family practice office. We also have several on-site specialty clinics as needed. Partnerships have been formed with specialty physicians to allow us to refer our patients if necessary for office consultations.

Research studies show a correlation between poor dental health and hygiene, physical well-being and diseases especially bacterial heart disease. St. Martin’s Healthcare offers preventative care through our hygiene program while continuing to offer extractions and restorations.

Limited vision services are offered to our patients on a monthly basis.

Our Medication Assistance Program greatly benefits our patients. We meet the medication needs of our patients through medications from our sample room, until long-term help is secured through our Patient Assistance Program. We work with nearly 30 different pharmaceutical companies to obtain approval and assistance for patients to receive free prescription medications.

St. Martin’s Healthcare is a volunteer-based clinic staffed by thirteen part-time employees, a medical director, and our full-time executive director. Many healthcare professions volunteer their time, performing the Lord’s healing work with compassion, convicted caring and Christian charity.