Volunteer Spotlight – Sharron Staller

Published: April 19, 2021

This April, we are honoring some of our clinic veteran volunteers. Here you can read insights and experiences of long-term committed volunteers at St. Martin's Healthcare. They are ambassadors of our mission, the work of the clinic would be impossible without them.

Let's start by introducing retired registered nurse, Sharron Staller of Auburn.

Sharron started volunteering at the clinic in 2006. In 2009, she fully retired after years working first for Parkview and then 20 years in Hospice Care. Sharron has a noble heart for serving people. Sharron signup up as a volunteer nurse almost immediately after touring the clinic in the fall of 2006. She greatly admired the felicity, misson, and the team assembled in those early days of clinic ministry, over 14 years ago.

She continues to volunteer her time to this day because, "Here at the clinic, I can still use my skills to help others and make a difference. The staff and volunteers are like a family working together in harmony. A significant part of my ministry serving here has been prayers on Monday morning. Praying with and for staff and patients each Monday morning has been the most rewarding for me personally."

Thank you, Sharron, for your time, talent, and most especially your prayers! Our patients and staff are just so thankful!!

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