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There are some illnesses or injuries we cannot care for nor are we equipped to handle. In some instances, another agency may provide a service in which we desire not to duplicate. Many specialty physicians have consented to assist our patients that qualify with a sliding scale fee. Proof of income is required for these referrals.


If a child is under 18 years of age and does not have a parent or guardian with them, we are unable to see them. However, if they are under 18 and present a valid consent form signed by the parent or guardian and if the physician on duty gives their approval the child can be seen. Children seen at the clinic may be eligible for Hoosier Healthwise/Medicaid. DeKalb Health provides assistance with the application process.

Emergency Issues

Emergency conditions such as chest pain, trauma, complex lacerations, complex fractures and moderate to severe burns are referred to the Emergency Department at DeKalb Health in Auburn or Parkview Noble in Kendallville. We have EMS transportation readily available and housed next door.


For children 18 and younger, immunizations are available by appointment from the DeKalb County Health Department office in Auburn or the Noble County Health Department in Albion. Free immunizations many be available for those who have Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise, No Insurance, Alaskan native or American Indian. In addition, TB testing and Communicable Disease investigations are also done with the Health Departments. DeKalb County Health Department offers Free Hepatitis C and/or HIV testing by appointment only. For these services or any questions, please call the DeKalb County Health Department at (260) 925-2220 or Noble County Health Department Services at (260) 636-2978.


The clinic does not stock narcotic medications. Patients must be seen as a St. Martin’s Healthcare patient to receive medications from us. We assist patients in receiving medication assistance from pharmaceutical programs (PAP) for long term use. If a prescription needs filled, the township trustees may be of assistance in purchasing these medications. We also are able to assist at times through a partnership with DeKalb Pharmacare.


We DO NOT care for any OB/prenatal patients. A urine test can confirm pregnancy, and, if positive, the patient is promptly referred to Women’s Care Center of Northeast Indiana, (260) 333-7117.


Patients in need of an orthopedic specialist will be referred to Fort Wayne Orthopedics.

Physical Abuse/Domestic Violence/Rape

Patients are sent to the Emergency Department of area hospitals to determine the extent of their injuries. Police are notified and referrals to shelters are made as needed.


We provide limited anti-depressant therapy at St. Martin’s Healthcare Services. However, anything requiring more than this care is referred to Northeast Center in Auburn (800-790-0118), The Bowen Center (260-925-8035) or Park Center in Fort Wayne (866-481-2700).

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Patients with suspected STDs are referred to the Allen County Health Department (449-7594) or Lafayette Medical Clinic in Fort Wayne for testing, by appointment only. HIV testing, HIV positive and AIDS patients are also referred to the Allen County Health Department for assistance.


Patients needing surgical consultation and evaluation are referred to Indiana Surgical Specialists, who have agreed to see our patients on a referral basis.

Women’s Issues

We do not routinely perform pap and pelvic exams. St. Martin’s has designated 3-4 days annually as Women’s Health Days (WHD) as funding is available. Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography comes to the clinic 4-5 times a year for screening mammograms in patients 40 and older. These are all scheduled appointments. Sign-up sheets are kept at the front desk for mammograms and the WHD. Diagnostic mammograms will be done if it is suspected that a lesion is present, not for baseline mammograms. Women over 50 may be eligible for BCCP (Breast-Cervical Cancer Program) at Neighborhood Health Clinic or for financial assistance through the hospital. There are income guidelines and a fee may apply for their services.