Free and Charitable Clinic Week Underway

Published: August 25, 2021

Our inaugural Free and Charitable Clinic Week runs from August 23rd through 27th 2021. St. Martin's Healthcare, Inc. is asking DeKalb County, Noble County., and the entire surrounding Northeast Indiana region to recognize Free and Charitable Clinic Week 2021.

St. Martin's Healthcare is supporting the accomplishments and contributions of free and charitable clinics in communities all over Indiana this week as a way to bring awareness to the work we do and the patients that we serve. Clinics, such as St. Martin's, are the safety net for the health care system in Indiana. Medically underserved residents can access care at free and charitable clinics throughout the state and across the nation.

In honor of Free and Charitable Clinic Week, we asked our Executive Director, Tammy Stafford, RN BSN, "What do Free & Charitable Clinics Mean to You?" Her response was powerful and inspired. We invite you to take a listen to her answer with this short video.