Mental Health Counseling

Did you know that 20% of the population lives with a mental health disease? Since 2018, St. Martin’s Healthcare has provided services to care for our patients mind, body and soul.

We all know that feeling... you passed the rest area and realize you should have stopped because the next rest area is miles away. It gets hard to hang on until you get there! That is how our patients feel before they meet with our Volunteer Mental Health Counselor.

At each clinic visit, our patients are screened for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Based on these scores and their assessment by the practitioner, meeting with our on-site volunteer counselor is a welcomed solution.


Then they meet Mary. Each visit is patient-centered based on their needs and situation. Medication can help, but the optimal treatment plan is in combination with counseling. And we have the success stories prove this!!

Meet Our Counselor

Mental Health Counselor Mary

Mary has volunteered at St. Martin’s Healthcare for almost 2 years thanks to her daughter who saw our patients’ needs and encouraged her mom to come out of retirement.

Mary takes appointments on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoon/evenings at the clinic. She is committed to her patients and the clinic mission. She is available to come in for emergent needs as well.

Watch a recent Facebook interview with Mary