Board of Directors

St. Martin’s Healthcare is a mission driven organization that is committed to a set of core values that inform and inspire our work at all levels - including the process by which our Board of Directors is selected and carries out its responsibilities.

  1. Quality: We believe that health care is a fundamental human right and that everyone deserves access to high quality services.
  2. Integrity: We adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles, which ground all decisions and activities. We recognize that the reputation of St. Martin’s Healthcare is our single greatest asset.
  3. Respect: We believe that every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and compassion.
  4. Diversity/Inclusion: We value the differences among us and recognize that it is these differences that enrich our experience, perspectives and abilities. We believe that we are “greater than the sum of our parts”.
  5. Collaboration: We value working together. Whether it is with our partners, patients, volunteers, staff or donors/funders, we recognize that no success is achieved alone.

Clinic Staff

  • Tammy Stafford, RN, BSN, Executive Director
  • Columba Avila, CDA
  • Suzy Beard, CDH
  • Bethany Cummins, CDA
  • Jane Dannhausen, NP
  • Michelle Dapp, CDA
  • Destiney Douglass, CMA
  • Chris Grogg
  • Kathy Johnson
  • Teresa Karrick
  • Catina Lamotte, RN
  • Ann Moore, NP

Board of Directors Bios

Trina Chapman-Smith, M.D.

Board President
Dr. Trina has served as St. Martin's Healthcare Medical Director since 2009. "I volunteer at St. Martin's Healthcare because I feel it's our Christian duty to offer our talents and skills to those who cannot afford health care in traditional settings. I love the people I serve and am committed to giving the best care I can."

Tina Leavell, PA-C, RPh

Tina is a Registered Pharmacist and currently working as a Family Medicine Certified Physician Assistant. "Being in healthcare, you naturally want to help those in need. St. Martin's mission is to care for the sick who are without the means to provide for themselves. Thus, it is very important to me wo be involved as a board member, in order to make sure those in need in our community are offered quality healthcare."

Al Wleklinski

Al, former Director of Support Services, retired from DeKalb Health after 33 years. "It is my goal as a board member to provide active support for St. Martin's Healthcare to continue the mission of providing care for the sick ad uphold the sanctity of life. I hope my talents help in the operation of the clinic and ensuring that St. Martin's continues its work in or community"

Daniel Schmidt, D.D.S

Dental Clinic Director
Dr. Schmidt is co-owner of Auburn Dental Associates and has had a family dental practice in Auburn since 1976. "I have enjoyed volunteering and serving on various not-for-profit community boards. The opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals has taught me a great deal about leadership, helping to create a healthier community and given me a better understanding of the social, economic and healthcare needs of our community. Perhaps no involvement has been closer to my heart than serving on the St. Martin's Healthcare Board. The acute need for access to medical, dental, and vision care among the uninsured residents of DeKalb and Noble Counties is great and not going away! Listening to patients' stories and how grateful they are for a free clinic to call their healthcare home makes me realize how important it is to do our part to make life a little better for others."

Jacob Benedict, CFA

Noble County Task Force Chairman
Jacob is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Partner/Director of Research at AMI Investment Management in Kendallville. He serves as the chairman of the Noble County Task Force committee promoting the services and mission to the Noble County community. "I believe it is important to help the less fortunate and I strongly believe in the mission of the clinic."

Jim Dazey

"As a retired registered nurse, this is one way I can give back to the community. Being involved with St. Martin's allows me to provide healthcare to those in need. Providing basic healthcare to the uninsured and under-insured has become more difficult in recent years. Anything I can do to assist with this mission follows my career path."

Jan Merrill

After 35 years, Jan retired from Child Protection Services with the DeKalb County Department of Child Services. "I have a passion for helping others. Part of helping/serving others is to be aware of services both within and outside the community. During my years in child protective services it was clear that healthcare was a challenge for some people. When I was preparing to retire, I was actively seeking a way to continue to be involved in helping and being of service to others. Serving as a board member allows me to be a voice, from a social work perspective, for those who may not have a voice. I am very excited about the services that are expanding though St. Martin's. It is an organization that continues to grow, to stay fresh and in tune with the needs of those who utilize the services of the clinic."

Reverend Jonathan Nack

Rev. Nack serves as the Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Auburn. "I volunteer as a way to support the mission of St. Martin's Healthcare. It is a way to share Christ-like love and compassion for others and uphold the sanctity of life. In a world that is often dehumanizing, St. Martin's is a place where people are regarded as human beings and cared or as people loved by God."

Julia Nixon

Julia is retired from the East Noble School Corporation after a career in elementary education. "Throughout my life I have volunteered because I like to be active and involved in my community. Getting to know others and being of service have always been satisfying to me. This quote by novelist George Eliot is my own personal mission statement: 'What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?'" Julia also serves on the Noble County Task Force.

Richard "Rick" Ring

Rick retired after 38 years of serving as the Vice President of Ancillary Services at DeKalb Health. "After 38 years in healthcare, it was a privilege to be asked to serve on the Board of St Martin's Healthcare utilizing my knowledge to serve the healthcare needs of the uninsured and under-insured in DeKalb and Noble counties."

Nick Wallace

Nick is currently an attorney at Leonard, Hammond, Thomas and Terrill. He also serves as Judge Advocate General with the Indiana National Guard. "I am a lifelong resident of DeKalb County, along with my wife Courtney and our two children: Noah and Ellliot. We believe in serving others and giving back to our community that has done so much for our family. St. Martin's was founded on these principles and I am honored to give my time and energy to this organization that provides such a great service for those living in DeKalb and Noble counties."

Sara Yarian

Sara employed by Metal Technologies as the Corporate Human Resource Manager. "I was previously employed in healthcare where I was able to witness St. Martin's in action and how they helped so many individuals in our community. Since my time on the board, I have been able to witness the behind the scenes activities and how the clinic truly runs. I am inspired by the staff and volunteers who work so hard to make sure the clinic runs smoothly and the patients' needs are met. Being a part of this organization allows me to give back and support an organization that is so beneficial to our community.