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Scheduling an Appointment

Once you are an established medical patient with St. Martin’s, you may request an appointment time. For dental patients, once you complete the initial screening process, all dental visits are appointments only. There is no walk-in clinic for Vision clinics - all are by appointment only.

If you are new and coming for your first visit, you must come during walk-in clinic hours and arrive within the first 2 hours of the walk-in clinic.

Missed Appointments

Please call us to reschedule an appointment. If you miss an appointment you will be required to be seen before we can fill or refill medications at the clinic. Please pay special attention to your scheduled appointments. If you miss 2 appointments, you cannot schedule an appointment for 6 months. A "miss" is defined as an appointment that you missed and did not call ahead to reschedule.


All visits are conducted by appointment only so that ample time is taken between patient visits for cleaning and disinfecting. Patients are asked to bring and wear masks for their visits. To accommodate our patients’ needs, we will continue to offer tele-health visits. If you are a new patients, please bring the necessary documentation with you at your first appointment. Patients will receive text message and phone call appointment remainders.

For Transportation challenges, please call the clinic at 260-357-0077 to discuss virtual service options and transportation supports. Transportation supports are given out on a case by case basis.

Cancellation Policy: Patients are asked to please call to cancel and/or reschedule appointments 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so results in a “No Show” distinction. Two consecutive “No Shows” to appointments results in a 6 month wait for service. Help us, help you.

Clinic Hours